Policy evaluation

Pig Projects

A participatory approach of the socio-economic assessment of the Ecoantibio 1 Plan in the pork sector.

Bovine tuberculosis

Evaluation of the costs and effectiveness of bovine tuberculosis control measures

Medical deserts

Redefinition of areas and intensity of veterinary care offer: identification of medical deserts.

Applied economics

Economics applied to veterinary practices

Cifre thesis

An analysis of the eco-performance of veterinary structures in terms of sustainability in a constrained context.

Economics applied to Animal Health


A bioeconomic model applied to the 3 hot-spot of the animal health (mammary infections, reproduction and lameness) to define the boundaries between antibiotic use, animal welfare, animal longevity, economic performance and working time.


We have developped DodForD, an operational approach enabling dynamic management of health within interacting animal sub-populations.

Networks animation

We participate to the ERIAH projects.

We participate to the International Society for Economics and Social Sciences of Animal Health.

And more

We apply cutting-edge methods that you can find in our various articles, such as this one and this one.