The project

The main objective of this project is to measure the economic impact (monetary and non-monetary) linked to the reduction in the use of antibiotics permitted by the Ecoantibio plan 1 (2012-2016). The economic evaluation covers the entire French pork sector (from upstream to downstream) and for each of the typical players in the Faculty.

On the one hand, it aims to assess how the decrease in antibiotic use may have had an impact negative on certain types of actors and certain sectors. On the second hand, it aims to assess if some actors have been favorised because of the new market opportunities (pork without antibiotics, genetics « Sanitized », monitoring evaluation of uses/ consumption) and how these opportunities are made possible by the diversity of productions (market segmentation). The component multiscalar analysis is a key attribute of the market objective. The analysis proposed at the sector level must integrate a fine level of definition of antibiotics uses.

For instance:

  • by distinguishing between the uses of different classes of antibiotics, in particular critical antibiotics (Cephalosporins 3 et 4G, Fluoroquinolones) or not (Penicillins, Tetracyclines, Colistin,…);
  • by distinguishing the main type of use (early stematic, metaphylasxis vs curative) and their corresponding routes of administration, distinguishing oral and injectable;
  • by analysing the (general) health reasons associated with the use of antibiotics: targeted systemic, urogenital, respiratory, digestive, cutaneous;
  • by focusing on the different physiological stages of animals (piglets under the mother, sows, post-weaning pigs, fattening pigs), these stages being characterized by usually very variable uses of antibiotics.

Main data related to the project

Economic and accounting data of agriculture
  • Data from the statistics and forecasting service of MMA
  • Data provided by IFIP and INAPORC panel

Epidemiological and biological data

  • Extracted from the literature for efficiency of treatments, effects of diseases
  • Data provided by ANSES, IFIP and producer groups for monitoring epidemiological of infectious diseases

Data from veterinary structures

  • Sales data for veterinary drugs, provided by SNVECO members and / or producer groups
  • Economic data of veterinary companies provided by SNVECO members

Informations on the use of alternative uses to antibiotics and costs associated with the practices

  • Data generated during previous research projects, including EvalPorc
  • Estimated data from professionals (farmers and veterinarians) when missing data occur.
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