Each year, ENVT organises a Scientific Day during which researchers in epidemiology, virology and economics applied to animal health report on the previous year’s work. This year, the theme was the innovative strategies in health risks monitoring.

A variety of presentations took place as the study of Eric Cardinale (CIRAD) on the prevention of zoonotic disease emergence and the works of Didier Concordet (InTheRes) on the animals monitoring by artificial intelligence models.

Two members of Veteconomics, Giffona Justinia Hanitravelo (Astre) and Mehdi Berrada (Astre) exposed their studies. The former showed how one can assess costs and benefits of health surveillance measures in the French cattle sector. The latter shared a method to quantify animal health care accessibility in the French cattle, swine and poultry sectors in order to evaluate the level of veterinary shortage.