ERIAH (Economic Reasoning for Improved Animal Health) is a research network funded by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) since 2016.

It aims at promoting economics applied to animal health within health specialists
(e.g. biologists, epidemiologists…) and economists, by facilitating common language and improving mutual understanding.
​The final goal is to foster a transdisciplinary research approach. It involves scientists, professionals, industrials, syndical organisations and policy makers.

Previous sessions

Contribution of social sciences to the questions
of infectious and biological dynamics

October 7th, 2019

Nicolas Fortané, INRA IRISSO Paris
Which sociological insights into animal wealth research

Pierre Courtois, INRA Montpellier
Actor’s behaviour in the control of biological invasion

Nicolas Antoine-Moussiaux, Université de Liège
What is socio-economy : application to animal health

Behaviours related to animal health management : Which place for the experimental economy ?
September 26th, 2017

Youenn Loheac, Brest Business School
Experimental economics : principles, concepts and applications in the agricultural sector (french)

Marianne Lefebvre, IUT d’Angers, GRANEM, REECAP
Experimental Economy as a decision-making aid in public policies : Example of the common agricultural policy

Diffuse pollution management : teaching through field experiments (french)

Aleksandr Aleksevv, Gary Charness, Uri Gneezy, Journal of behaviour and organization, 2016
Experimental methods : When and why contextual instructions are important (french)

Colin F.Camerer, December 30, 2011
The promise and success of lab-eld generalizability in experimental economics : A critical reply to Levitt and List

Glenn W. Harrison, John A. List, Journal of Economic Literature, December 2004
Field Experiments

Steven D. Levitt, John A. List, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2007
What Do Laboratory Experiments Measuring Social Prefences Reveal About the Real World ?

Jan Stoop, Erasmus School of Economics, Rotterdam,
From the lab to the field : envelopes, dictators and manners

Economics approach of the use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine
November 16,  2016

Joanna Coast, university of bristol
The economics of antimicrobial resistance

Economical evaluation of the pollinisation service (french)

Marion Desquilbet, Toulouse school of economics, INRA
Sustainable management of the bio agressors adjustment to resistant varieties (french)

Didier Raboisson, Marie Dervillé, Guillaume Lhermie
The economics of AMR/AMU in veterinary medicine : externality, futurity and globality

Kick off meeting
February 03, 2016

Latests developpements in animal health economy
Activities latests developpements about animal health economy in France
​- Working group n°1
​What are each person’s needs, expectations, experiences, both in animal health economics and as part of this project ?
Working group n°2
Are those questions answering issues from each participant ?
How could we deal with these complex issues effectively while keeping popularization in mind ?

Jarkko Niemi, Professor of economics of animal health and welfare Natural Resources Institute Finland
The state of the art in economics applied to animal health​

Pierre Dupraz, UMR 1302: INRA, agrocampus ouest,rennes​
Social applications and research in animal health economics​ (french)

From economic assessment to policy making
May 15th, 2018

Dustin L.Pendell
Biosecurity, markets and trade : lessons for the future

Nicolas Treich, Toulouse school of economics, INRA
Risk attitudes

Karl M.Rich, Ph.D.
Animal disease control and value chain practices : a systems thinking approach

Human Health Economics : What applications in animal health ?
March 13th, 2017

James K.Hammit, havard university, Toulouse School of Economics
Cost-Benefit Approaches in Human Health Economics and Limits (french)

Daniel Herrera-Araujo, Hospinnomics, Paris School of Economics – APHP
Why are measures of subjective and objective health relevant for a policy setting ?

Jean-Paul Domin, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne et CEPN (UMR 7234)
The generalization of complementary sickness insurance and the development of inequalities in terms of political economy

B. Dervaux, Economiste, MCU-PH, Méthodologie en Economie de la Santé
Economic evaluation to define national vaccine strategies (french)

Production economics and animal health
September 28, 2016

Introduction to production theory and application to livestock and animal health
​Speaker : Erwin Wauters

Bioeconomic modelling of agricultural holdings
Speaker: Claire Mosnier

  • Workshops n°1 : « Economically informed decision in the management of a workshop: risks prevention and management »
  • Workshops n°2 : « Animal diseases and layout of value within the sector or the territory: crisis prevention and management »

Claire Mosnier
, INRA UMR 1213 Herbivores, F-63122 Saint Genès Champanelle,
Bioeconomic modelling of Agricultural holdings (french)

Arnaud Rault, INRA, UMR BIOEPAR,
Implications and management of epidemic health risks: application to animal husbandry in Brittany​ (french)

Erwin Wauters, Jef Van Meensel, ILVO, Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research, Belgium
Introduction to economics of animal health