National Veterinary School of Toulouse

23, chemin des Capelles F-31076 Toulouse

Phone : + (33) 5 61 19 32 30


2017 : HDR (French accreditation for research directorate)
2011 : phD “An institutional economic approach of animal health: the place of competencies, territories and collective actions in bovine health management”
2011 : Diplomate of ECBHM (European College of Bovine Health Management)
2007 : MSc (Economics applied to rural questions)
2005 : Internship in clinics for ruminants (ENVT)
2003 : DVM (Doctor in Veterinary Medicine)


2019- : Full professor in National Veterinary School of Toulouse (ENVT)
2012-2019 : Associate professor in National Veterinary School of Toulouse (ENVT)
2006-2011 : Contractual assistant for teaching and research (ENVT)


The teaching activities are focused on population medicine in bovine production. It includes bovine production system and health, economics of bovine health and health management in the field.
Present researches conducted in economics of bovine health deal with bio-economic sequential optimization modelling of farmer’s health management, with highlights on antimicrobial use, animal welfare, farmer labor and production sustainability. Other research activities focus on the veterinary offices business model, with multi-criteria modelling of the present situation and expected evolution.


2016- : Lead of the French Research Network ERIAH (Economic Reasoning for Improved Animal Health)
2016- : Member of the Committee for Veterinary Drug of the French Agency for Food, Environmental and
Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES)
2018 : Head of the Scientific committee of the ISESSAH annual conference (The International Society for
Economics and Social Sciences of Animal Health)
2018- : Academic editor for PlosOne
2018- : Academic editor for Frontiers in Veterinary Sciences
2018- : Secretary of ISESSAH (The International Society for Economics and Social Sciences of Animal
2018- : Head of the research unit team Epidemiology and Economics (11 researchers, 20 members)
2019- : Administrative head of the teaching team “ruminant population medicine”


2013-2020 : Work-package leader of 3 different research programs of INRA (200 k€ in toto)
2012-2020 : Lead of 5 private research programs with pharmaceutical firms (250 k€ in toto)
2017-2019 : Lead of a research program on antimicrobial use optimisation (250 k€)


2014- : Academic editor for a professional journal “Le nouveau Praticien”
2014-2019 : Supervisor of 5 PhD and 5 MSc
2014-2018 : 5 invited conferences, 55 professional publications and 20 oral communications


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