Economic of Animal Health week’s

2020/10/12 – 2020/10/16

This training aims to highlight the importance of the tools of economic analysis in the decision-making process of the stakeholders in animal health (veterinarians, farmers, etc.). On the one hand, it allows to show the importance of theory by emphasizing economic reasoning. On the other hand, this training aims to apply economic approaches to concrete situations encountered by farmers and / or veterinarians. Indeed, animal health issues can be studied through different economic approaches, such as production economics, institutional economics, industrial economics, environmental economics, behavioral economics,…

Pig Project


The main objective of this project is to measure the economic impact (monetary and non-monetary) linked to the decline in use antibiotics allowed by the Ecoantibio plan 1 (2012-2016). The economic evaluation covers the entire French pork sector (from upstream to downstream) and for each of the typical players in the Faculty [read more]